To install the program, perform the following steps:

	0.  Obtain the program files in ematrix-[version].tar.gz and the
	database files in einputs-blocks.tar.gz and einputs-seqs.tar.gz.
	Place them in the same directory, and then unpack each file:
		gunzip [file].tar.gz
		tar xvf [file].tar
	where [file] corresponds to the appropriate filename.
	1.  Connect to the ematrix directory.  Edit the file site.defs to
	define various directories and default parameters.  Do not include any
	extra spaces around the equals signs.
	2.  Follow the instructions in the file INSTALL.  These are the
	standard installation instructions for the GNU configure package.
	Essentially, you will need to execute the following commands as the
	root user:
		make install
		make check
	For a customized configuration, the GNU configure package allows you
	to set certain environment variables, such as CC (your desired C
	compiler), CXX (your desired C++ compiler), and CFLAGS, before you run
	The package includes a Web interface.  This interface will be located
	in the CGIDIR and HTMLDIR directories defined in site.defs.  If you do
	not want to install the Web interface, you may delete these
	directories after installation.
	If you have any questions or comments, please contact Thomas Wu.

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	A Unix machine with a C compiler
	Perl, version 5 or above (