June 14, 2001
	Craig G. Nevill-Manning, and Douglas L. Brutlag
	Stanford University
	1.  Put the downloaded file, `swig-alion.tar.gz', in the desired location
	     in your filesystem.  Type the following two commands:
		% gunzip swig-alion.tar.gz
		% tar -xvf swig-alion.tar
	2.  Once swig-alion.tar.gz has been untarred and unzipped, two files
	     should now exist in the filesystem:
		% ls
		swig-alion      swig-alion.tar
	3.  To configure swig-alion automatically for your platform, type
	     the following two commands:
		% cd swig-alion/
		% ./configure
	If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Doug Brutlag and
	Craig Nevill-Manning:
	Doug Brutlag
	Craig Nevill-Manning