To install the 3matrix package, perform the following steps:

	1.  From this web page, download '3matrix-1.0.tar.gz'
	2.  In a convenient location, uncompress and unpack the software by
				gunzip 3matrix-1.0.tar.gz
				tar -xvf 3matrix-1.0.tar
		This creates a directory ./3matrix-1.0 containing the distribution
	3.  Change directories into the 3matrix-1.0 directory that was just 
	4.  Open and carefully read the README file there for instructions.
	 ** NOTE: You will probably need to download the pdb-xx-20xx.tar file 
	    as well - the README file will give you the necessary details.
	To cite this work, use the following reference:
	Steven P. Bennett, Lin Lu, and Douglas L. Brutlag, 
	"3matrix and 3motif: A Protein Structure Visualization System for Conserved Sequence Motifs."
	In press, Nucleic Acids Research.
	Please send questions and comments to one of the following people:
	Steven P. Bennett (                     if before 06/2003
	Douglas L. Brutlag (      if after  06/2003